Eco Friendly and Landscaping

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Jan Robinson
EcoHome Studio

Eco Friendly Options -

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EcoHome Studio’s mission statement is to promote an eco-conscious lifestyle, educating clientele and the community about sustainable decorating options for the home. We offer full interior design services as well as furniture and decorative accents that are in some way planet friendly and manufactured by companies that are socially responsible in their business practices. All products in my store have been hand picked by me and meet one or more of a very specific set of criteria. Those criteria include products manufactured in Maine (preferably) or at least in the US and products made from recycled, reclaimed or rapidly renewable materials.

EcoHome Studio is located in the old Pier One building along with Distinctive Tile and design, Kitchen Cover Cabinetry and Fixtures at 334 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine.

Amanda Vigue

December Contractor Highlight



Craig Wright
Coastal Inc.

Local Sales and Service-

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Coastal Lawn Care Inc. is a well rooted landscaping company who has been in business in the Greater Portland area for 17 years. Throughout its course of the growth the company’s geographical reach and diversity of services has blossomed. From Augusta to Kittery our customers have enjoyed our adaptability, commitment to maintaining quality and timeliness of completion. From our foremen to our mechanic, mowing crews, hardscape crews and designer, every individual has been selected for their knowledge, experience and dependability. A large fleet of one-ton trucks, skid steers, loaders and excavators rest at our disposal to complete your project. Coastal Lawn Care has watched the steady change and fast pace advance of the landscaping industry. As a result we have sought to maintain an honest straight forward approach to each individual challenge, earn various certifications to express our desire for higher standards and provide you with exactly what you pay for. It is our hope that you will find your experience working with us to be productive and satisfying.

Mission Statement:
Coastal Lawn Care, Inc. is a diverse landscaping company equipped to handle a wide range of residential and commercial needs. Our crews are capable of offering you a quality product whether your property is being constructed or needs renovation. We can assist you with your design and offer you the opportunity to put your creative thoughts on paper. It is our desire to help your ideas become your reality and commit to maintaining your investments in the years to come.

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